Repairable Shrink Boots Assemblies

C4ISR Cables

Repairable Shrink Boot Assemblies

Wire Harnesses Manufactured to IPC / WHMA -A-620 Workmanship Standard class 3

Military Vehicle harnesses, built to vehicle workmanship standards, NBC complaint, leak tested, final inspection requires bending seals over mandrels per manufacturing inspection standards, proper processing to prepare different jackets to accept proper adhesives and baked at proper temperatures and time frame. Proper sealing of backshell threads to enhance leak proof capability.


C4ISR Cables is highly experienced in the fabrication and testing of simple to complex shrink boot harnesses. Our entire team is fully trained to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 workmanship standard for wire harness assembly.  C4ISR Cables always will 100% electrically test your harness for continuity and shorts and at the minimum, compliance to all drawing requirements. See our fully automatic testing capabilities.

Harness Tools

  • Motorized Harness Board Fixtures
  • 2 Ovens for baking and curing epoxies
  • Semi-auto bench top strip/crimp tools
  • Selection of strip/crimp hand tools
  • Infrared solder sleeve solder tool
  • Fully automatic cut, strip, mark and coil wire processing
  • Rolling conveyor oven for heat shrink products
  • Stations with heat guns on flexible arm with timers for repeatable processing
  • Hand Lacing cord
  • Hand Taping, Auto taping

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