Markets & Applications


C4ISR Cables provides wire harnesses, coax assemblies, custom molded, antenna, Data, power and repairable submersible assemblies with boots. Our subject matter expertise provides value for your products performance utilized in tactical radios communications, military heavy brigade combat vehicles, ground vehicles and industrial applications.




Cables and Harnesses from internal harnesses to robust EMI environmentally sealed cables

Military Vehicles

  • H.B.C.T. Track vehicles ABRAMS, Bradley and Knight
  • Wheeled vehicles from troop carriers to central network centric vehicles (WIN-T). JLTV, HMMWV, M-ATV and GMV flyer vehicle

Vehicle fielded Electronic EW systems

  • I.E.D. Jammers CREW 2.0, 2.1, 3.3 design and high volume fielded antenna, communication and power cables
  •  FBCB2 and BFT developed improved design with significant cost savings through DFM and material cost reductions. High Volume production molded cables.

Tactical Radios

  • PRC 152-Falcon III Harris RF
  • EPLRS Enhanced Positioning Locating Reporting System Raytheon
  • AN/PRC 117 Falcon II Harris RF Manpack Radio
  • AN/PRC-148 MBITR Thales Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio
  • PRC-154 Rifleman Radio Harris/GD voice, data, and GPS information to move seamlessly across the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) network
  • SINCGARS Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System-Harris RF RT-1523
  • TacRover/SIR full motion video L3/Harris Radio

C4ISR Systems

  • DAGR Defense Advanced GPS Receiver Rockwell Collins
  • DVE Driver Vision Enhancement DRS/Raytheon
  • NETT Warrior Design support and manufacturing for cable integration
  • Active Protection System for JLTV provided complete system cable drawings and designs including a multiple option radar box. System passed all filed testing at TACOM.
  • Satellite and Space designs provided design support for the IKONOS Google imaging satellite cables and flex circuitry, designed and built the cable docking system for the international space station docking system cables.
  • UAV Developed high reliability cable exposed to airstream on E/O system
  • SPIDER Developed drawings and manufactured the communication, remote sensing cables, and computer cables.

OEM, Medical and Industrial

  • Transportation – Railroad, Bus
  • Medical patient monitoring
  • Heavy Moving Equipment
  • Power backup
  • Antenna Cellular
  • Vehicle Chassis Harnesses

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