Repairable Sealed Boots


  • Good Solution for cables subject to environmental conditions like fuels, chemicals, and submersion into water.
  • Built to Vehicle Workmanship Standards such as Bradley and Abrams tank.
  • SME for proper materials specified in bonding to jacket materials with proper adhesives and boot/transition materials
  • Good For harnesses and cable assemblies both are repairable in the field
  • Extensive proven history of performance for these cable assemblies

We have proven history to deliver fully tested cables with seals bonded correctly with the proper processing and heat curing. The final inspection contains the full 360 degree bending over a mandrel to insure there is a good bond and sealing out chemicals and moisture. We offer design expertise to select the correct materials for jacketing and the boots with proper adhesives to meet your temperature and environmental conditions. We also offer full reliability life testing for heat, cold, humidity cycle along with environmental submergence testing.

The cable flexure also dictates if your application requires a flex boot or a solid boot for a static design.


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