Molding Capabilities

  • Extensive knowledge and proven history of design of molds and high-volume production.
  • Extensive knowledge of proven performance to bond many mold materials to many different jacket materials
  • Prototype capability to provide 3D printed molds to validate your new mold designs for aesthetics, shape, and size. Our 3D printing has a large printing size of 8” x 8” x 12”. The ABS material can be machined by drilled, tapped, sand and paint.
  • C4ISR Cables can assist your design team with proven designs and materials utilized on fielded platforms.
  • Assist your design team with application engineering for shielding, environmental and NBC requirements
  • High pressure injection mold for materials like Estane Polyurethane, great selection for high volume applications
  • 2-Part Chemical cure polyurethane meets Mil-M-24041 provides proven fielded platform experience for many decades. Great for heat sensitive materials, like USB cables, since there is no heat involved in this molding process. Great selection for pressure sensitive molding like covering of electronic components.
  • Low pressure hot melt adhesives- polyamide and polyolefin. Great for coax cables and over mold of electronics.
  • Proven history in developing cost reductions, workmanship documents, white papers, and reverse engineering of new mold options for fielded platforms.

Our Mold Material Options

  • Estane Materials Polyurethane injection
  • Polyurethane injection
  • ABS injection
  • Polypropylene injection
  • Vinyl injection
  • Polycarbonate injection
  • Polyurethane Mil-M-24041 2-part Dispensed Chemical Cure
  • Silicone 2-part Dispensing System
  • Polyolefin one part dispensed
  • Polyamide one part dispensed
  • Many options for potting materials with benchtop dispensers

Mold Designs

  • Full understanding of proper wall thickness to meet environmental conditions, sealing against walls and solid mold designs versus strain relief flexure design on the sealing of the cable jacket.
  • Low-Cost molds and quick turn delivery is a focus for our design team. The use of 3D printing and developing many sources for cost and quick turnaround requirements.
  • The use of mold materials designed for high volume versus low volume and the design to allow the mold to be used for injection molding or dispensing with low pressure systems.
  • Mold designs to existing drawing dimensions is considered a simple design, but we provide the customer with accepted industry standards to meet the application of mating the cable properly in the field when building a new design with dimensions defined for the first time.
  • Expertise on types of mold materials used on fielded, proven platforms for easy approval for new products on new platforms.
  • Design support for cost reductions for fielded platforms from a backshell, boot design changed over to a molded cable design.

We are looking to grow with you by experiencing our performance capabilities