Molded Cable Assemblies

C4ISR Cables

Military Molded Harnesses & Molded Cable Assemblies

C4ISR Cables is a JCP, DD2345 certified manufacturer of molded harnesses and molded cable assemblies for multiple defense applications. We have extensive experience in molding small mighty mouse, TE, ODU, and Fischer connectors to larger type seen in 5015 and D38999 connectors.

C4ISR has extensive experience for Cables and Harnesses in Military Equipment

Our cables and harnesses experience includes ruggedized tactical military C4ISR devices, military radios, targeting systems, ground vehicles, tanks, Jammers and UAV’s.

Military Molded Harnesses and Molded Cable Assemblies

  • Mold Compounds Injection molding, 20 ton clamping pressure, up to 4 oz shot size (6 Cubic inches) 12,000 PSI: Polyurethane, ABS, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Vinyl,
  • 2-Part Dispensing system Mil-M-24041 2-part chemical cure polyurethane, and a 2-part dispenser for Silicone potting and molding.
  • Low Pressure polyamide or polyolefin injection molding for low pressure molds, good for over the top of electronics.
  • Proprietary primers to bond overmolds to metal backshells and different jacket materials.
  • Manufacture custom backshells under the over mold to accommodate braid and stainless-steel band. Also use of integral banding adapters on connectors for shield attachments.
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Potting and Encapsulation

C4ISR Cables expertise in potting compounds (Epoxies, Urethanes, RTV Silicones, and Hot Melt polyamides and polyolefins) to environmentally seal, protect and insulate sensitive electronic components. Our 2-part dispensing systems provide a mold or potting process that is smooth and free of bubbles. 


Heat Shrink Boots to offer a repairable option to molding

C4ISR Cables is highly experienced with heat shrinkable products for environmentally sealing applications where you can repair the cable and replace the boot back to reseal the cable. C4ISR cables has extensive knowledge on processing the boots to adhere properly to many different metals and jacket materials.


Mil-M-24041 2-part dispensing system for Polyurethane


20 Ton Clamping force, injection mold machine 12,000 PSI up to 4 oz shot size (6 cubic inches)


Hot Melt pressurized dispenser for Polyamide and Polyolefin


2-Part Dispenser for Silicone potting and molding

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