Automation & Tooling

C4ISR Cables

Automation Tooling Reduces Customer Cost and provides higher reliable products

  • Our leadership team will research your RFQ for manufacturing opportunities to implement lean production methods.
  • RFQ response will include a plan to provide a smooth transition from F.A.I. to full production manufacturing. This process may move from hand tools to benchtop or more fully automatic systems
  • C4ISR Cables is highly automated, and our leadership team will specify the optimum equipment to produce your cable or harness assembly based upon your volume requirements.
  • The options we have from hand tools, benchtop tools or fully automatic tools allows us to choose the most cost-effective tools to be competitive and the best for repeatable high quality.


Hand Tools

Hand Tools are required for small volume and when work requires the tools to be used on a harness fixture. The hand tools are typically used in the development process also. We have many hand tools in stock to meet these demands.


Bench top

Benchtop pneumatic presses with auto feed components on reels. Applicators required for benchtop presses, we have many sources to provide these and are interchangeable to our large number of presses.


Fully Automatic Systems

Fully Automatic Systems for repeatable, lowest cost to manufacture with highest reliability.

Coming Soon to C4ISR Cables

Newest Technology fully automatic cut, strip, for multi-conductor cables, coax cables and Teflon single conductor cables. Fully cut and strip very short cable assemblies, ®Smart detect sensor that stops the process if a center conductor is nicked.

  • See our Machine Shop for fixture and Tooling design and manufacturing
  • See our Test & Measurement for highly automated testing
  • We consistently meet with the industry leaders in the cable processing automation products. We will invest into the products that will provide value to our customers and this equipment is under constant evaluation.

We are looking to grow with you by experiencing our performance capabilities