About C4ISR Cables

C4ISR Cables can provide application engineering to support your selection of materials to meet your requirements, provide you with a prototype cable and then roll into First Article, NPI production ready status. The ability to provide High Mix production and High Volume production based upon our equipment, tooling, paperless processes and certified training.

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Product Overview

C4ISR Cables can provide you with High Quality, 100% Automatic tested cables built with certified assemblers utilizing detailed, paperless work order processes, Our decades of experience will provide you with competitive priced product with our supply chain expertise providing deliveries ahead of the industry. Our Product Expertise provides Differentiators that enhance the product reliability that your customers demand.


Cable Assemblies

C4ISR expertise in potting and over molding provides material options of polyurethane, epoxies, RTV Silicone’s, polyamides, polyolefins etc. Our expertise in mold adhesion to backshells and many cable jackets provide a very robust seal for submersible applications. We offer quick turn low cost mold designs.


Internal & External

C4ISR offers motorized harness boards with 2D and 3D design. Internal & External robust harnesses with molds, backshells and boots. LEAN 5S workstations. Controlled heat shrinking and curing with rolling ovens, heat guns on timers, and large ovens. Full automatic cut, strip and mark capability along with benchtop equipment.


Shrink Boot
Repairable Assemblies

Vehicle harnesses built to workmanship standards, NBC Compliant, leak tested, inspection of sealing over mandrels all with proper processes for reliable bonding of adhesive materials with repeatable heat sealing. Full EMI/EMC braiding capability.


Power Cables

Capability to cut, strip and crimp 24 awg to 4/0 awg. Timed ovens and heat guns, semi-automatic strip crimp tools, rolling conveyor oven, jacket stripping, auto taping,

Harris radios

Communication Cables

Capability to strip and crimp 16 awg to 32 awg. fully automatic cut, strip mark and coil cable assemblies, crimp analysis pull test center, shielding to Mil-STD-461, J-STD-001 solder capability. Large selection of bench top strip crimp tools.

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Expertise in unique processes to outperform the industry in many types of mold materials and repairable boots adhesion to many different jacket materials and bonding to connector adapters. JCP certified to DD2345 for NIST Certification.SME for shielding effectiveness, NBC Compliance and understanding of the end product our cables are utilized in. Use of a large 3D printer for ABS plastic that is machineable. High Quality cables serialized, built to IPC Class III and 100% tested. Low Cost Model to offer very competitive pricing.

We are looking to grow with you by experiencing our performance capabilities