Capabilities Overview

C4ISR Cables

Overview of Capabilities

Engineering-Subject Matter Experts with Extensive Knowledge of Cable and Harness Assembly

The C4ISR Cables leadership team has years of experience in component design and sourcing, manufacturing and testing of all types of cable and harness assemblies. Our manufacturing engineers have the hands-on experience for building years of NPI cables and harnesses. The team also has years of estimating RFQ’s experience.  This provides our customers with a very high level of expertise to offer improved performance and cost reductions for your prototype, FAI and production requirements. We also offer solutions to many known industry issues, such as the ability to bond mold materials to Nickel-Teflon plating utilized on many connectors today as one example.

Molded Cables

  • Extensive knowledge and proven history of design of molds and high-volume production.
  • Extensive knowledge of proven performance to bond many mold materials to many different jacket materials
  • Prototype capability to provide 3D printed molds to validate your new mold designs for aesthetics, shape and size. Our 3D printing has a large printing size of 8” x 8” x 12”. The ABS material can be machined by drilled, tapped, sand and paint.
  • C4ISR Cables can assist your design team with proven designs and materials utilized on fielded platforms.
  • Assist your design team with application engineering for shielding, environmental and NBC requirements
  • High pressure injection mold for materials like Estane Polyurethane, great selection for high volume applications
  • 2-Part Chemical cure polyurethane meets Mil-M-24041 provides proven fielded platform experience for many decades. Great for heat sensitive materials, like USB cables, since there is no heat involved in this molding process. Great selection for pressure sensitive molding like covering of electronic components.
  • Low pressure hot melt adhesives- polyamide and polyolefin. Great for coax cables and over mold of electronics.
  • Proven history in developing cost reductions, workmanship documents, white papers and reverse engineering of new mold options for fielded platforms.

Our Mold Material Options

  • Estane Materials Polyurethane injection
  • Polyurethane injection
  • ABS injection
  • Polypropylene injection
  • Vinyl injection
  • Polycarbonate injection
  • Polyurethane Mil-M-24041 2-part Dispensed Chemical Cure
  • Silicone 2-part Dispensing System
  • Polyolefin one part dispensed
  • Polyamide one part dispensed
  • Many options for potting materials with benchtop dispensers

Repairable Sealed Booted Cables

  • Good Solution for cables subject to environmental conditions like fuels, chemicals, and submersion into water.
  • Built to Vehicle Workmanship Standards such as Bradley and Abrams tank.
  • SME for proper materials specified in bonding to jacket materials with proper adhesives and boot/transition materials
  • Good For harnesses and cable assemblies both are repairable in the field
  • Extensive proven history of performance for these cable assemblies

LEAN Mfg with Rapid Prototyping to Production

  • We understand the challenges of bringing a product to market quickly.  C4ISR Cables has the quick turn, rapid prototyping capability required to assist in drawing notes defined, test requirements to ensure your product is ready for implementation.
  • C4ISR Cables knowledge of materials and key processes to ensure your product meets all the environmental conditions your product encounters.
  • All these variables defined up front with a goal of no Revision changes to save time and cost to get your product to market quickly and aesthetically appealing to your end customer.
  • ERP-MRP system, manage by Project, Full lot, serial and revision control, Real time tracking of costs and production status of all WIP, Planning module, full document control, quality tracking, labor tracking and cost controls.
  • LEAN 5S workstations
  • Inline assembly testing to prevent rework
  • Paperless work instructions with high content of pictures to IPC class 3
  • AS9102 FAI software for automating the process
  • RFQ engineering review for smooth transition to Purchase Order Acceptance
  • RFQ complete tooling analysis for correct tooling for the volume with delivery/cost review
  • Final Electrical test is automated with mates
  • Packaging includes automatic bagging with marking of bag

Automation Tooling Reduces Customer Cost and provides higher reliable products

  • Our leadership team will research your RFQ for manufacturing opportunities to implement lean production methods.
  • RFQ response will include a plan to provide a smooth transition from F.A.I. to full production manufacturing.
  • C4ISR Cables is highly automated, and our leadership team will specify the optimum equipment to produce your cable or harness assembly.

The options we have from hand tools, benchtop tools or fully automatic tools allows us to choose the most cost-effective tools to be competitive.

Machine Shop

  • Drill Press Hardinge
  • CNC horizontal Lathe South Bend
  • Surface Grinder
  • Bridgeport Milling Machine
  • Horizontal Metal Band Saw
  • Local outside services established for high end machining metals/ plastics and sourcing in low cost regions for tooling.
  • We design and manufacture fixtures, tools and mold fixtures.


  • Paperless work order instructions viewed on large displays with touch control.
  • Use of IPC class 3 instructions embedded into processes Good/Bad pictures, use of heavy content of pictures.
  • Serialization and bar code scanning for product movement
  • Labor tracking.
  • ERP/MRP with shop floor control and mobile alerts.
  • Performance tracking.
  • LEAN 5S, even flow manufacturing lines.
  • Quality tracking to target process improvements.
  • Training Matrix for all employees.
  • Highest level engineering experience practiced by manufacturing engineers developing the detailed work order instructions. Built to quality system,AS9100/ISO9001 and IPC class 3.

Supply Chain Expertise

The C4ISR Cables leadership team has decades of experience in component design and sourcing. Our proven history to manage our supply chain has provided the ability to receive the best pricing in the industry along with significant improved deliveries compared to the industry. Our ability to works on fast tracking new designs and alternate designs has also provided significant value. Our personal experience in working for many of the leaders in the connector industry also provides significant knowledge of interconnection products. The experience in managing a QPL’d, value added connector distributor also provides unique knowledge of the products used in the cable and harness industry.


Test & Measurement

We have multiple methods for testing. The fully automatic testing with connector mates is part of our core strategy, this provides significant value over testing by probes. The mating connectors will provide the mating forces, the proper clocking defined, and this simulates the installed condition. The fully automatic testing provides all these options:

  • Test Optimization and Time Saving Features Test Re-engage – enables test to be paused after a failure and re-engaged after debugging, eliminating the need to repeat an already verified test sequence and save overall test times.
  • Measure & Energize – measurement & energization is available from all available test points reducing overall test times. Mass HI Pot – provides complete test coverage in a fraction of the time required by conventional linear test methods.
  • Activation & Energization – enables test sequence to energize relays to validate functions and verify safety features.
  • SuperTrace – nets for complete color-coded connectivity map.
  • Scan Testing – enables all test points to be scanned every 10 μs for discontinuity testing. Ideal for environment, stress, vibration, and thermal cycle testing.

All Test Data can be serialized and saved on our Server for future reference. The test performance report is dated and defines the person who performed the test.

Production ATE Cable Test

  • Continuity 4 Wire Ohm, 5mΩ to 400mΩ ±1%
  • Continuity 2 Wire Ohm, 200mΩ to 400KΩ, ±1% 4 volts
  • High Voltage DC, 1500 VAC 50V to 1500 VDC ±1%
  • Capacitance 10pf-1000µf, ±2%
  • Insulation Resistance to 10gΩ
  • Isolation 50Ω to 50mΩ, ±3%
  • Unlimited test point expansion capability
  • High speed intelligent low voltage fault finding
  • High speed testing with Mass Hi-pot and Mass Isolation
  • Generate wire lists from spreadsheets or “From-To” lists
  • Auto-learn from known good product
  • Program using user or product designators
  • Highly intuitive Studio scripting language
  • High speed intelligent low voltage fault finding
  • Hold on fail – real time failure analysis
  • Resistors, capacitors, diodes, relays, switches and lamps
  • All Test programs are server-based meeting NIST/C.U.I. requirements

Low Voltage Test system with LED/Audible production build tool

  • Test system used in production area to assist in proper plugging, an audible bleep indicates contact is plugged into proper cavity, or an LED lights up as another option.
  • This tool is good for 2 wire ohm or 4 wire ohm testing and provides LEAN assembly practices with improved quality as extracting pins and reinserting into connector cavities reduces the connector reliability.

Many other Electrical Testing Tools

  • Hand-Held Multimeters
  • Benchtop Tektronix Multimeters
  • HP 3478a multimeters
  • Low voltage test systems

Reliability Testing

  • Environmental chamber -70°C to + 200°C with Humidity testing
  • Submersion Testing 20 meter (69’) coming soon
  • Full Electrical Automatic testing while UUT is stressed
  • Mark-10 Crimp Analysis pull center with full reporting software for lifetime digital storage
  • Torque measurement tools used in line production
  • Outside services for:
    • Sand/dust
    • Altitude
    • Salt spray
    • Shock & Vibration
    • Cold bend
    • Solar Radiation
    • EMI/EMC
    • Wind & Rain
    • Salt Fog
    • Fungus
    • Thermal Shock

We are looking to grow with you by experiencing our performance capabilities