Products Overview


Our Products

C4ISR Cables manufactures cable and harness assemblies that includes molded cable assemblies, harnesses internal and external, power cables, communication cables, repairable shrink boot assemblies and Coax Cables. C4ISR Cables team has experience in providing cable and harness assemblies to the medical, transportation and military marketplaces since 1994.


Overview of our cable offering

  • Molded Cable Assemblies injected Estane polyurethane, low pressure polyamide/polyolefin, 2-part dispensing for potting and 2-part chemical cure polyurethane Mil-M-24041. Environmentally sealed utilizing proper primers to bond to many different substrate materials.
  • Repairable Shrink Boots Assemblies- Automated boot and jacket preparation, oven cured epoxies and automated controlled heat shrink.
  • Harnesses internal and external internal twisted conductors built on 3D fixtures, external harnesses for severe environments built on motorized harness fixtures.
  • Power cables small conductor to 4/0 power cables with appropriate tooling to strip and crimp, including Mil-C-22992 and NATO style.
  • Communication Cables tactical, high speed, light weight, environmentally protected, shielded for secure communication with NBC compliant design.
  • Coax Cables Network Analyzer coming soon.
  • Backshell Design and quick turn manufacturing ability to compress delivery and lower BOM costs.

We are looking to grow with you by experiencing our performance capabilities